Who Is This Guide For?

A cartoonish drawing of a professorial-looking person in front of a chalkboard. They are holding a red book with the title "Civic Media", and the chalkboard has the words "How can media literacy be used to empower diverse voices?" on it.

We created this field guide for practitioners looking to integrate more equitable and inclusive practices into their media literacy educational work.

Is this guide only for teachers?

The guide is for everyone! But we designed it with “practitioners” in mind, meaning anyone working in media literacy.

Can I use this guide if I’m not teaching media literacy?

Yes! We designed the field guide to help you evaluate your stance and provide guidance for implementing more equitable and inclusive practices.

Can I assign this guide to students/partners?

You could, but it’s not designed as a lesson plan. Instead, the guide provides questions to help you evaluate your work and give some suggestions.

Will the guide provide a curriculum or lesson plan?

No. The field guide was not designed as a lesson plan or to provide a suggested curriculum. It was created to provide a space for self-evaluation and guidance on key concepts.

Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices

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