Mapping Impactful
Media Literacy Practices:
The Report

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This past year, our team researched how media literacy practitioners understand and prioritize equity in their media literacy educational practice. In addition, we are interested in what impact means as a process and an aspirational goal for media literacy interventions.

Based on rigorous research with practitioners from around the United States, we are excited to share our report: Equity and Impact in Media Literacy Practice: Mapping the Field in the United States. This report shares extensive research findings that show how impact and equity are approach in media literacy education. Our Field Guide for Equitable Media Literacy Practice is based on the findings in this report.

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Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices

Initial support for the research project is made possible through the National Association for Media Literacy Education and Facebook. To ensure the independence and integrity of this research effort, NAMLE maintains full authority regarding project strategy, budget, personnel decisions, or research activities. Facebook has no control over the research design, methodology, analysis, or findings. NAMLE and any research authors will maintain exclusive copyright over all products and freely disseminate those products to advance the media literacy field.

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