Field Guide To
Equitable Media Literacy Practice

A cartoon-like drawing of a map, containing imagery of trees, a river, mountains, and a drawn path over a trail.

Welcome to the Field Guide for Equitable Media Literacy Practice.

This guide was created to map equitable media literacy practices for classrooms, communities, and organizations. The guide emerges from our research into how media literacy interventions can prioritize more equitable and just civic futures with intentionality, care, and purpose.

We urge you to use this guide to explore how you can make your media literacy educational practices inclusive and equity-focused.


Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices

Initial support for the research project is made possible through the National Association for Media Literacy Education and Facebook. To ensure the independence and integrity of this research effort, NAMLE maintains full authority regarding project strategy, budget, personnel decisions, or research activities. Facebook has no control over the research design, methodology, analysis, or findings. NAMLE and any research authors will maintain exclusive copyright over all products and freely disseminate those products to advance the media literacy field.

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