Standing On The Shoulders Of Media Literacy's Giants

While we hope that what we are offering in this guide sparks new approaches to media literacy practices in formal and informal learning spaces, we have built on the work of so many who have come before us. As the common saying goes, this project “stands on the shoulders of media literacy’s giants.”

In conducting our research and creating this guide, we have visited and revisited research, curricula, reports, and a range of other content exploring media literacy interventions within the United States and beyond.

Our work adds to the breadth and scope of media literacy, too many to mention here. This project embraces and incorporates various working assumptions and principles that have guided research, practice, and pedagogy.

We have not attempted to separate or parse out definitions or “sub-literacies” but hope that our focus on equity, and the values that guide this work, can be adapted for use across domains. We also hope this approach can speak to much of the work we have built upon.

We stand in solidarity with media literacy practitioners, scholars, activists, and educators who support equity, inclusion, and prioritizing media literacy for those at the margins of society.

Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices

Initial support for the research project is made possible through the National Association for Media Literacy Education and Facebook. To ensure the independence and integrity of this research effort, NAMLE maintains full authority regarding project strategy, budget, personnel decisions, or research activities. Facebook has no control over the research design, methodology, analysis, or findings. NAMLE and any research authors will maintain exclusive copyright over all products and freely disseminate those products to advance the media literacy field.

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