Process v. Outcomes: A Note

In this field guide, you will notice we refer to processes a lot. This is because our research revealed a focus on outcomes as an impactful measure of media literacy practice. In contrast, media literacy processes point to how we educate and build community.

We understand process as how learning happens and outcomes as the product of a learning experience. The emphasis on outcomes is natural as many programs depend on hard numbers or measured achievements for funding or proof of concept. However, we mustn't lose sight of the value process has in impacting an individual, community, or society.

We’ve created this guide to emphasize the process toward any outcome. For example, suppose you are developing a curriculum that must meet learning standards or targets. In that case, this guide will help you process that curriculum in a way that positions equity at the forefront. Likewise, if you are responsible for answering to funders, then this guide provides a way to think about how to share your results in a way that shows socially just work as a priority.

However you choose to progress through the guide, we hope this work will help you consider both equitable outcomes and the processes that can leave a lasting impact.

Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices

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